Learning how to DJ can be a great experience and a new hobby that lets you get as close to the music you love as you possibly can. There are many reasons for becoming a DJ but the likelihood is that you would love to play music to groups of people; that glow in people’s faces when you lay down a track both you and the person enjoys.

The process of becoming a DJ is actually quite simple when you look at it from above; here are five of the methods in doing so.

Learning How to DJ in Five Steps

Step 1: You will need to purchase products for DJing which generally includes turntables, mixer, headphones and music. Today, you can find started with a midi controller that has much of these items wrapped into a single. Either way, you should get the basic DJ gear where you will be playing music, blending and monitoring it with your headphones.

Step 2: The first skill you should learn while becoming a DJ is what’s known as ‘beatmatching’. Beatmatching is usually syncing two different music sources so they align which allows you to create a smooth mix to the next song – the basis of DJing. Beatmatching is definitely difficult at first but you can begin to understand this concept by playing two of the same tracks and then aligning the secondary track to the same 4/4 beat (although this varies depending on genre). Once you’ve changed the pitch and synced the tracks, you can start to transition into the next tune – viola, you’ve beatmatched.

Step 3: After you’ve learned the basics of DJing (beatmatching, mostly), you’ll want to put jointly a mix that will not only help promote yourself, seeing that a DJ, but also be the foundation of your practice. Like anything, practice makes perfect. The more time you invest toward learning to beatmatch and blend, the greater chances you’ll have at mastering DJing. Once you feel comfortable, create a DJ combine to the best of your ability because which will lead you to…

Step 4: Promoting yourself since a DJ has become easy as pie because of the Internet. In older days, you would need to hustle and grind to get your name out there but with technology like setting up a website, YouTube and websites like Mixcloud, you can now get your mix in to the hands of interested parties and even a few event promoters! Upload your best mixes to the web and do everything you can to get people to take notice such as sharing it on cultural media or entering contests online.

Step 5: With your name in the tips of everyone’s tongues, it’s time to take the DJ game to another level by landing yourself a gig. You can’t expect to make big bucks in the early days; in fact, you should work specifically on becoming better at DJing and building a following. If you stick with it, you’ll begin to land better, high-having to pay gigs but the most important part of it all is to get found and be active in promoting yourself. Once you’re at the club, do what you would normally do but read the crowd and make sure they are having a good time.

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