How TO Improve Your Online Musician Career

We live in an on-line world – nothing is still left untouched by the Internet – what is not on the web does not exist. This is fact, and social press has probably been the biggest player in this revolution. Everything we do is definitely either tracked, recorded or documented online; our personal social networking web pages are mirrors of our lives – chronicling every aspect of what we do. As an up-and-coming DJ in this online centric world this leaves us with very few choices: either become visible online or let your DJ career die before it also began. There are a very unique set of challenges associated with the goal of becoming instantly distinguishable on the Internet – though unique they may be, they are not impossible.

It might feel like it is a daunting task that awaits you when getting started on creating your online image – but that’s only natural. Planning can be your biggest friend, you’ll need to set objectives for yourself on what you would like to achieve with your online advertising campaign, such as:

-Connect with- and become visible to your current fans.

-become easily discoverable to brand-new fans

-Shine out through the masses – with unique design.

-Have your tracks accessible to anyone.

With these as suggestions let us look at the various options.

Social networking is as good a building block as any; Having profiles on sites such as Facebook and Twitter will make you immediately easier to find and “like”. Facebook is an excellent place to list all your information – most recent tracks, upcoming shows and the like, there is even an application you can use called BandPage that customizes your enthusiast page to list all the most relevant details first – making it easier for your fans to get the information they need. Twitter is certainly also a very good site to get a profile on but as opposed to Facebook – which is more profile-orientated – Twitter is normally a communication based social network concentrating even more on a steady stream of information and communication. Twitter is unmatched in its capabilities of interaction and conversation but it is not a Facebook replacement, these two sites are a perfect duo but they do not do well on their own.

Klout is another part of social media not to be underestimated – scoring and ranking you on your influence over various social networks – it has grown to become quite a well recognized site. Klout score as of yet is not recognized as a go to source to rate a person’s influence, but having a good Klout score will be advantageous nonetheless. Besides Facebook and Twitter, klout uses Google+ to price a person – so if for no various other reason a Google+ web page can also be component of your social media staple.

Being a DJ, arguably the most important goal for you is usually having your tracks and demos available online for your fans and potential promoters. The biggest platforms for this end are Soundcloud and Mixcloud – keeping profiles on both of these could be a large time investment so that it is definitely up to personal preference which you end up deciding on (Not that getting on both is definitely in any case detrimental to your web DJ image).

When social networking is said and done what’s left? Well should you have the resources a webpage of your own is a viable option, but as great as it might seem to have your very own webpage – the advantages aren’t that many. A private locale to put your tracks, picture and video galleries isn’t bad at all, but how accessible is it really – Those same movies and images stand a better chance of garnering “wants” and “retweets” on Facebook and Twitter – growing your fanbase and general reputation in the process. The important aspect a personal webpage does offer is individuality – it is the place to embody your DJ image and yourself. Design and impression are the most crucial things here, having an internet site that stands out is your opportunity at showing your character to followers and promoters. If domain is not available for your DJ name consider domain.

These guidelines should help you achieve your goal of creating a replete on the web DJ image, but the online world isn’t restricted to just these sites and possibilities – there are various DJ centric websites such as and residentadvisor. net which are great places to keep profiles and also be part of the community. Unfortunately there is no one site on which to make your profile and be done with it, and chances are there won’t ever be one. So the key for your online DJ image’s success is keeping active in the various communities and preserving all of your profiles as best you can.

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