Wedding DJ or Band – Which to Choose

You have most of the details worked out for your big day but have not yet decided if you are going to use a wedding DJ or a band at your reception. Whichever you choose can make or break the wedding reception and if it is dull or enjoyable.

What to consider

• Vibe- the type of music you pick can established the tone of the reception. People remember the marriage but they seem to remember the reception more and whether it was enjoyable or not. Think about what music genre reflect both of your personalities. The way the music is delivered may also affect the atmosphere.
• Variety-make sure that the band or the wedding DJ will play fast and gradual songs and brand-new and old tune so all of the guests will be encouraged to dance.
• Budget-a wedding DJ is less expensive but the actual cost will depend on the equipment they use and if it’s on the weekend or during the weekday. The price of the band will change by the amount of time you desire them to play, what time of the entire year it is, day and time of the week, and how many musicians there are.
• Space-you will need to check to see if the reception venue provides any limitations on the pieces of equipment and amount of musicians you can have in the venue and if there are noise limitations and enough electric outlets. A wedding DJ only needs enough space to set up his equipment and one or two electrical outlets.
• Referrals-with both the band and wedding DJ you should ask for referrals to see what others who have hired them had to say.

Wedding DJ

Before you decide on a marriage DJ, ask to see some of the music that they enjoy or offer them a playlist to see if they have those songs. You do not want to hire someone that is dull and appears if they are doing the job just for the money so try to obtain a feel of their personality. They can also create quicker and take down their equipment faster.


If you do not know the band ideally you would want to see them in action before you commit to having them play at the reception but may not be possible. Request if they have a taped efficiency of hosting a wedding reception. One thing against a live band is definitely that will not have as a huge repertoire of music as a marriage DJ.

One test to see if they’re right for the job is to ask if indeed they can play your melody as a married couple. If they cannot, move on.

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